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ApexChat LogoApexChat provides a complete, turnkey chat service. We use our own industry trained live chat agents and software platform to service chats. This means major cost savings as we eliminate the need to take your key employees away from their core responsibilities to handle chats, or hire and train anyone to get started.

The best chat service for you will be the one that provides a complete, turnkey chat solution that will not only save you money but also allow you to scale your business as your needs grow.

ApexChat has you covered 24/7. We’ve seen on average 42 percent of leads converted via live chat take place after the typical business hours of 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Without around-the-clock coverage you may be missing nearly half the leads you could be getting from your Live Chat provider.

ApexChat charges only for actual qualified leads that are sent to you. There is no minimum recurring charge, or long term contract making ApexChat easy to try. You can cancel our service at any time without any penalty.

The Details

ApexChat provides a complete service unlike most other live chat providers – they use their own software platform and employ agents to service chats. This means major cost savings for you as you don’t have to deploy anything, or hire anyone to get started.

They charge only for actual sales leads that they send to you. There is no minimum recurring charge, or long term contract which makes ApexChat easy to evaluate. You can cancel their service at any time without any penalty.

ApexChat is LASER focused on the needs of online and digital marketers. They have custom developed their platform to improve web visitor conversion for online advertisers, not customer support.

At ApexChat they have developed significant insight into what works and what doesn’t for each vertical they serve through the millions of chats they have conducted. They use custom developed scripts to improve web conversion and constantly review chat transcripts to improve system intelligence.

The ApexChat platform is developed with the needs of Digital Marketing companies in mind. You can enhance the value to your customers by adding live chat to your portfolio of web marketing services easily and transparently.

ApexChat Pricing

ApexChat pricing includes a setup fee to get started.  This setup fee ranges from $200-500.

Once you are all setup, they then charge you $18-35 per lead that the live chat software generates from your website.

ApexChat Reviews

Most people are very pleased with ApexChat from their customer service to their overall functionality.

“They have great chat agents to represent our law firm, as well as amazing customer service and tech support.”

It’s a fact, the Apex Chat clients stick around for a long time…

“My agency has been an ApexChat client for nearly 3 years and we remain a happy customer. We vetted a number of other chat providers and chose ApexChat because of the skill their chat agents displayed in engaging with users in an effective manner without it seeming they were working from a forced script.”

Show me the money, right?

“ApexChat has been awesome from the very first call I made to them to set up service. They worked with our CRM and web development vendors to create a seamless lead stream. Their customer service is personal and professional. We have only used ApexChat for a few months and have already sold over $50,000 in revenue generated from ApexChat leads. Thanks, guys for a great solution!”


How do I use this ApexChat plugin?

For the ApexChat plugin to work successfully, you should have a subscription to the ApexChat service.

Where do I get my ApexChat API key?

If you are an existing client, you can contact ApexChat for your API key.

How Much Does ApexChat Cost?

ApexChat costs just around $200 to get started and then you pay per lead which ranges from $18-35 each.

What is ApexChat?

ApexChat is a live chat software and service for your website and other online properties.

How to Turn on ApexChat?

In order to turn on ApexChat you have to subscribe to the service and install the required script on your website.

Where to put ApexChat Script?

Put the ApexChat script in the <head></head> section

What Kinds of Businesses Does ApexChat Serve?

The kinds of businesses ApexChat serves includes home services, lawyers and law firms, medical services industry, marketing firms and colleges for their admissions purposes.

Final Words About ApexChat

ApexChat is the first company of its kind to develop a complete, turnkey chatbot solution that is highly scalable and can be deployed in any organization.  Chat marketing has revolutionized how businesses interact with their customers. Now we are creating chatbots for all industries.

With our live chat service, businesses can build, manage, and scale their own live chat channel without the need for expensive infrastructure. Chatbot technology is the next big thing in customer service, and we will see chatbots on websites, mobile apps, and within emails.

ApexChat allows you to scale your chat service and have it all be hosted by one company.

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